Scan Toaster: Bread Printing Protocol needed immediately


Of all the companies that make toasters, I'm pretty sure Electrolux has the biggest R&D budget. It always pops up sponsoring fancy design competitions and the like. Here's its "Scan Toaster," a concept by Sung Bae Chang, whose mode of operation is refreshingly obvious.

You plug it into your computer, put a slice of bread in it, and then print. But come now – toasting on bus power? I think not.

Scan Toaster [Electrolux Design Lab via Gizmodo]

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  1. I wonder if the resolution is fine enough to write a letter to someone with it. Or maybe a break-up note, y’know, served with the morning coffee.

  2. @Alan:
    Of course there’s room for a breakup note if length is adjusted accordingly. L8R, FU, H8T U, DIE, U SUK–any of those should all fit.

    Also, Rob: “Bread Printing Protocol needed immediately”

    I can’t believe you’re overlooking Toastscript.

  3. …All you have to do is have it toast an image of a sunny-side-up fried egg on to each piece of bread, and yer Hot to Trot. Voila, Porn Toast!

  4. I’m shocked I never thought of Toastscript.

    Google tells me that the name is in use as an implementation of PS in java!

  5. Judging by the cable, it seems to be using Power Over Ethernet, too. Nice.

    I hope it can be run on USB power, too, as I’d love to be able to make my own toast on long flights.

  6. I like it. It requires a companion product though: the JellyJet printer for when you want to add a splash of colour… Then of course there’ll be all the spin-off products as the thing becomes successful: LightScribe lunchbag sealers, and software for lunchbox design and labeling applications.

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