Watch protons dry with Large Hadron Collider official webcams


They're just warming up the dipole magnets, and the first major experiment (bunching thousands of protons and making them headbutt) is about to begin: be sure to watch it at the LHC's official webcams.

Chances are it's just going to be like any other webcam, of course, and you'll just stare at it for 20 seconds, then get bored and go somewhere else.


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  1. Wow, that’s funny!

    Then I learned that a 16 year old girl in india committed suicide from fear – that dropped th4e amusement level pronto!

    But it’s still a work of staggering genius!

  2. Sweet.

    My coworker is still recovering. I sent him an IM:

    “Hey, man, they’re about to start the first LHC test, check it out:”


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