Analyst says aluminum MacBooks are already shipping to Apple stores

Rumor has it new MacBooks will be triumphantly unveiled on October 14th with exactly the same improvements we've been scuttlebutting about for a year: thinner design, aluminum chassis, LED backlit, stock Intel Centrino 2 speedbump. But what does the last authority in such rumors — the godlike business analyst — have to say about the matter?

They say we'll see thinner aluminum MacBooks with LED backlights in October. In fact, they say they are already shipping.

[Analyst Richard Gardner] also says that “field checks” have confirmed that shipments of new MacBooks have begun; he says the most distinctive features of the new MacBooks are “very thin aluminum casing, an LED-backlit display and an aggressive entry-level price point.”

That "aggressive entry-level price point" is interesting: how much more aggressive than $999 could we be talking about here? And what will that do for the tedious "You pay a premium for the hardware for the zeitgeist?" anti-Mac argument?

Apple: Citi Says Sept. Qtr Tracking Ahead Of Street Ests; Contends Shipments Have Begun On New MacBooks [Barron's via Crunchgear]

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  1. Any word on the MacBook Pros? I’m waiting for the MacBook Pro that doesn’t have the defective nVidia 8600M GT.

  2. Wow, it seems like a month is a long time to have stock sitting in the back room. If they are indeed shipping, don’t you think they’ll be selling before October 14th?

    Re: aggressive entry-level pricing; the cheapest Macbook is $1099 per the Apple store. The cheapest Dell laptop (not netbook) is $499. So there’s a lot of room there if they want to compete on the entry level. (Don’t argue features/specs based on my post here, I’m just stating facts about entry level pricing.)

    I’m looking forward to them! I hope they’re nice machines for the price. The current Macbooks just don’t interest me given the price and feature levels.

  3. I call bullshit. There has to be some Apple Genius out there that is so excited to trumpet the virtues of Apple that they open one and leak pictures or something. You can’t ask these people to keep a secret about a product and company they can’t shut up about.

  4. Business analysts and people on wall street tend to know this stuff long before Apple employees in Cupertino — Sr. Management is showcasing stuff months in advance to the hedgefund and mutual fund operators.

    The Apple Store employees/ ‘geniuses’ are typically the last to know about this stuff ; even the engineers often have no idea what is going on.

  5. Could this potentially have to do with the large ad buy the Apple is making across several major properties with a quite sizable non-standard ad that will generally go below the nav and above the content on most sites?

    That’s supposed to launch Monday the 22nd of this month. Right now we’re being served “iPod + iTunes” ads, but I’m betting money these will be swapped last minute to pimp the new MacBooks.

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