Kitchen Drawer concept packs bachelor's kitchen into a trolley


When I think of my dormitory days, creating vacuum seals on keg bungs and bird dogging girls gone wild, I find myself yearning for a sort of culinary Swiss Army Knife: a gadget in which the toaster, waffle iron, skillet, microwave, refrigerator, blender, tea kettle and stove top gloriously converge.

The Kitchen Drawer, designed by Nojoe Park for the Electrolux Design Contest, makes the first plodding steps towards that bachelor's ideal. The concept packs four kitchen essentials into a small trolley: a hot plate, an electric stove, a dish drawer and a mini-fridge.

Unfortunately, I have a relatively well-stocked kitchen these days, so the practical yang of my soul fights its booyeahing yin: no, I will not buy one of these and tuck it in the small nook to the left of the toilet, along with the toilet brush and the pornography.

Kitchen on Wheels Natch [Yanko Design]

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