Nintendo Wii software hacked to load ISO "backups"


Over the last two years, the Wii has stood fast, remarkably resilient to software piracy without a mod chip. That era seems to be over. The Wii Backup Loader purports to be a simple Wii Homebrew Channel program that, once visited, can load (modified) ISOs right from the DVD drive.

Nintendo will doubtlessly patch this in a Wii firmware update, which raises the question as to whether we are going to start seeing a PSP custom firmware scenario re-enacted on a non-portable console, in which — once done — dogged hackers crack open the breastbone of each successive firmware update and rewire the innards within days of an update, or if this is in fact a one-off vulnerability, easily closed.

Wii Backup Loader [Tehskeen via Gizmodo]

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