Tetris bathroom tiles


The Tetris tile pattern is incredibly pleasing right before four rows collapse in on themselves: a hodge-podge of brightly colored, four-cell pieces, stacked upon one another with the utmost symmetry. Unfortunately, taken from the monochromatic peasoup of a GameBoy screen and into the real world, the pattern rarely satisfies: imbued into a cloth pattern or ice cube tray, the Tetris pattern becomes too difficult to mass produce, and so short cuts are taken: three- or five-celled pieces filling in the gaps that have resulted from a haphazard planning, giving the impression of being plotted out and dropped into place by the sort of thumbless cretin who would find himself buried under blocks before Music Type A had even looped once.

I have hope for these Tetris shaped bathroom tiles though. Oh, sure, their "Mosaic" offering — a sheet of Tetris tiles already laid out in what is purported to be a polygonally pure Tetris pattern — is in fact a shameless cheat, the edges sullied by one- and two-celled space-filling abominations. But with a box of the base pieces, I don't need to rely on some designer's muffed polygon stacking skills: my 959-line Tetris personal best attests to my ability to find some configuration that would make Saint Pajitnov proud... right before my entire bathroom wall collapsed in on itself with a triumphant chiptune tromp.

Tetris Tiles [Official Site via Gearfuse]

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