DS-DSLR: Homebrew Nintendo DS remote for Canon DSLR


Steve from Panocamera.com has built a custom interface from his Canon DSLR to his Nintendo DS. Add a dash of custom software and his little DS can now do the sorts of things — HDR intervalometer-based shot bracketing, remote shots in bulb mode, even a sound-based "Clapper" control — all with his little gaming device. Brilliant! The DS has enough power to do all the calculations you need for these sorts of shots but is so much smaller and lighter than a laptop. (And can play Advance Wars.)

Steve said he's considering building more for sale. Do it! Hell, build out a reference design and let's figure out how to mass produce them. This is exactly the sort of fantastic hack that reminds how homebrew is extending the capability of our devices and should be encouraged by all parties involved.

AT LAST, MY GREATEST INVENTION IS ETC. ETC. [Panocamera.com] (Thanks, McQueen!)

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