New LazerTag guns are practically sci-fi objets d'art


Just the product image of the Lazertag Multiplayer Battle System is causing me to experience a euphoric sensation of jellification. For$ 80, the package includes two gorgeously designed Phoenix LTC guns with rumble, recoil and manual reload as an option. Look at those laser guns: those are beautiful enough to mount on a wall, the battle-charred war pistols of some futuristic rocketman. There's also a Shot Blast attachment, which allows you to tag multiple targets at once, therefore boosting your hit damage.

I'm really tempted to pull the trigger on these. I've never played LazerTag: I'm an 80s child whose parents unfortunately bought into the whole nightly news scare when the first urban legend about a cop shooting a kid armed with a LazerTag gun in a playground made its word-of-mouth lamentable tour.

Lazer Tag Multiplayer Battle System [Amazon via Uncrate]

UPDATE: It's been brought to our attention that the cop did shoot the kid. Read this story from the NYT. Take that, urban legends!

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  1. The real tough ones buy these, keep them sealed in their original package, never touching them once, and keep them in a dry, safe place for about 25 years. After that, it’s time to make a killing with them.

  2. These are a fun toy for children of the future.

    Of course, since the zombie war, children wear the sensors on headbands. They call it play, we call it practice.

  3. I still have a complete pair of original LazerTag guns, etc. from the 80’s stashed in my garage.

    They are used, not abused; I wonder if they are worth anything….

  4. I think I preferred the original Lazer Tag guns, they were much sleeker.

    Same here. The original equipment was by far the best looking.

    It also had the unfortunate side-effect of making cops want to murder kids.

  5. A friend of mine had one of the original (Worlds of Wonder, WOW to it’s friends) laser tag guns. That thing was built better than some real guns I’ve seen, and fit in your hand like it was made for it.

    Great heft too, it felt like there should be a switch on it that turned off the IR beam and turned on a real laser capable of cutting a satellite in half from the ground.

  6. Paintball. I skipped over Lazer Tag in the 80’s and started playing Paintball in ’84. I don’t think I missed anything.

  7. I only played the kind where you went to a place, wore a vest connected to a rifle sized shooter, and ran around a dark area while they played industrial music.

  8. Wow. I’m pretty sure the costuming crowd just found their new holy grail. The guys that do Star Wars Mandalorian-style costumes are probably going to go NUTS for these.

  9. “I’ve never played LazerTag: I’m an 80s child whose parents unfortunately bought into the whole nightly news scare when the first urban legend about a cop shooting a kid armed with a LazerTag gun in a playground made its word-of-mouth lamentable tour.”

    Not everything that sounds improbable is an urban legend (otherwise George W. Bush wouldn’t be president). Per the New York Times from April 11, 1987,

    Toy manufacturers must share the blame for the death of Leonard Joseph Falcon, of Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., said Dr. Carole Lieberman, assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of California at Los Angeles.

    The 19-year-old was playing the Lazer Tag game when he was shot to death Tuesday night at Central Elementary School in Rancho Cucamonga by a deputy who was told armed prowlers were loose in the schoolyard.

    If you look at early models of Laser Tag guns, some of them could easily be mistaken for real guns after dark. From what I could tell, Falcon was probably using a Starlyte Pro which at the time was manufactured in black plastic with none of the orange tinting on the barrel that would be required today.

    There are plenty of cases of toy guns being mistaken for real guns either by cops or by victims who are held up by toy guns.

  10. I had a LazerTag set in the ’80’s, and I even had this great manual published by TSR of game variants and exercises, even how to start a league. The problem was, none of my peers had it, so it just gathered dust. Over the years I’ve collected several more StarLytes; I want to create a mantel piece using a couple, along with a lightsaber and a mounted alien head.

    Did anyone ever see the LazerTag Saturday morning cartoon? I only ever saw the character designs, which were fairly uninspired. The plot actually sounded a bit like Legion of Superheroes, the protagonist being in the Superboy as mythic savior & sire of the past role.

    And remember, WoW was also the company who gave us Teddy Ruxpin. I once put a Mr. T tape in one and it bitched me out something fierce.

    Finally (finally!), THE ONION, which seems to have its finger on the zeitgeist’s pulse like few other media entities, had this point/counterpoint op-ed piece a few weeks back.

  11. I don’t know if anyone will ever see or read this. I was surfing, looking for these laser guns and stumbled upon this website. I purchased three sets of these from Costco for around $37.00 a set for Christmas. My sons and sons in law played for hours on Christmas eve with the lights out in our house. And several times since then. These guns are amazing. I want to buy another set so 8 people can play. They way exceed my expecations. If you can find them for a deal buy them you will not regret it.


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