"Every surface of FORM 6 is smooth and usable for sensation"

Mark forwarded us this press release, which really is best left to speak for itself. However, I have taken the liberty of adding a typographical break between paragraphs, to effect an easier read.

I wanted to make you and your readers aware of our redesigned best-selling FORM 6 vibrating massager. We would love to hear your reader’s comments. If you have any questions, let me know.

We completely re-engineered FORM 6 from the inside out, taking the performance to a new plateau. It is now the only waterproof rechargeable vibrating massager that is also cordless. We’ve also made it even more powerful – but also quieter. We’ve eliminated the raised buttons and charging contact of the original design so that more than ever, every surface of FORM 6 is smooth and usable for sensation. No other vibrating massager offers this versatility.

Curlicued double-ender

Still not satisfied, we created a new, fully enclosed Charging Case to protect FORM 6 – it’s perfect for discreet charging, clean storage, or packing in your overnight bag. Of course, the new design still features the integration of body-friendly materials and sustainable design that has become our hallmark.

Curlicued double-ender

Perhaps best of all, the new generation of FORM 6 is completely submersible in your bathtub, offering a whole host of new possibilities. FORM 6 has been embraced as the gold standard of the sexual wellbeing market, but also has been a cross-over hit, performing as the best-selling premium handheld vibrating massager for therapeutic use at top retailers.

Curlicued double-ender

Our extension of color – Plum, Blue, Slate – should make this new version an even bigger sensation.

Some time ago, we were sat around in the BBG editorial channel crafting "gadgety" typographical symbols for use in gadget blogging. Finally, one of the more unusual creations has its day.

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