Help me resist Brando's Super Tiny Keyboard


Imaginary hot tears of shame pour from my eyes as I offer devotions to Brando's $25 miniature QWERTY keyboard with retractable USB cord.

You see, we all know that the promise is a phantasy, that no-one can type properly on it, and that posting it merely propagates the lie. But I can't help myself. To this day, I still nurse the idea that I might buy a Jornada 728, which is about as useful as an old teabag. I still nurse the idea that I may write with it. In the face of hand size and keyboard size failing to match, the spirit of every human Utopia whispers. "The system is perfect; it is your hands that are wrong."

Brando's crap gadget is 6.7 inches wide, 3 inches deep, wafer-thin.

Super tiny keyboard [Brando CrunchGear]

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