Olympus adds retro style to ultra-modern camera body format


Take a look a Olympus's newest design for the Micro 4/3 lineup of digital cameras. Practically a ghost, it begs for a hackneyed Star Wars-ism about elegant tools from a more civilized age.

With a DSLR-sized sensor, quality should be assured, though it's hard to imagine plunking big black plastic lenses onto this stylish m3/4's interchangeable-lens mount system. Its feature set, and its price, will likely be similarly ample, but for now it remains a concept. It's hard not to imagine something with the capabilities of the Canon G10 or Nikon P6000, but with that old-school feel.

Source [Digital Camera Review]

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  1. Yep, that is a beauty. Olympus always did have a flair for clean and effective design, even with their cheapest compact cameras. They’re one of the few camera manufacturers with a lovingly maintained gallery of high-res photos featuring decades of their past models.

    I think this prototype has some echoes of their popular PEN half-frame series and, even more so, the somewhat obscure Quickmatic 600 (which used compact 126 film cartridges).

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