The Tantrum Alarm Clock


Pounding its fists and shrieking, the Tantrum-Throwing Alarm Clock doubtless lives up to its name. The only mystery is its decibelage: combined with the throat of a Screaming Meanie, this thing could be a real beast.

It's a Hammacher Schlemmer item, of course, that most high-end of crapvendors being the best place to demand $50 for an irritating clock. The description itself aggravates in its glibness and calm:

As your selected wake-up time approaches to within five minutes, its feet and body will begin to glow, and when the alarm sounds, it begins tapping its arms lightly, but if you are dilatory in touching its snooze sensor by more than one minute, it launches into its full tantrum routine and turns off after an hour of unabated whining.

It will relent briefly if you "pat" it on the head, says the anonymous copywriter, in a subtle invitation to the sort of physical action that will make it relent permanently.

Product Page [via RGS]

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  1. Is there a video of that clock? I mean… I’d have to hear it every morning. I’m surprised that there’s not a vid on the Hamm-Schlem site, but maybe I’m just missing it…

  2. Or, you can just get a cat. The timing is unpredictable, but it’ll go through the same stages.
    1) Paw at face
    2) Start mewing
    3) Cry loudly
    The cat’s “snooze” feature can even be activated by the same head-rubbing that the Tantrum Clock uses.

  3. Given how much I want to kill my alarm clock every morning as it is, this thing would likely push things too far and get thrown across the room on its first day.

    Neat idea, though.

  4. Actually, i saw this for SIGNIICANTLY cheaper down at my local target. it even has a counterpart, a lamp of similar design and function, PLUS its touch activated.

  5. Obviously not for people who have actual difficulty getting up. Would not survive a whole week of being thrown across the room or bashed at in a half concious state.

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