Atom vs Atom vs Atom: tiny motherboards compared


Ewan Wilcocks points us to his roundup of five Intel Atom-based motherboards. The verdict: Mini-ITX, the classic mini motherboard form factor, has a bright future. But if you need HD video playback, get Intel's own implementation, which has the spectacularly unpleasant name "D945GCLF2."

In our multiple Atom board review, we cover the original Intel D945GCLF motherboard, Gigabyte's GA-GC230D, Jetway's JNC91, an board from MSI due to be released in the next few weeks, and Intel's Dual Core Atom 330 powered D945GCLF2 - released today (or thereabouts). Very brief summary: the D945GCLF2 can playback 720p quite happily. The single core boards nearly can.

I just love to look at them stacked up like that. Wouldn't it be cool to have a Mini-ITX cluster supercomputer made of these, stacked 40-high in a perspex-encased column?

Review [Mini-ITX]

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