Chained to the desk? Keep your toes twinkling with Webble, now on sale


Webble is an ergonomic board designed to go under your desk. You put your feet on it, instead of on the floor, and as a result these selfsame feet stay busy and healthy for the long hours at work. It's not just a goofy toy, the makers claim: it has real physiological benefits.

... Decades of research that unambiguously points to the physiological benefits of increased leg activity while seated. That said, for us wellness in the workplace means a lot more. it means connecting with the emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of well-being. After all, the workplace is where so many of us increasingly spend the vast majority of our waking hours. And it is this simple fact - for better or for worse - that has fueled us to create the Webbleâ„¢, the first of a new genre of workplace wellness products designed to shine new light on your office experience.

Here's a flickr gallery of this $200 oddity, which comes in red, black and silver. Check out Yanko Design's review.

Psst. This is totally like those "neck massager" ads, right? It goes on the boss's dime as some kind of ergonomic workplace strain-remediation thing, but it's really about permanent skateboard access, 9-5.

The Webble active footrest [Webble] Thanks, Branko!

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