Rubik's Mirror


Rubik's Mirror Blocks, with its exploded segments and weirdly foreshortened grid, looks like the classic cube puzzle gone wrong. It's exactly the same size – at least when solved – but unlike the original, every side is the same color.

At this point, I have three choices.

• Hellraiser joke about solving puzzle boxes and going strait to hell without passing go.
• Personal anecdote about Rubik's cube from the 1980s.
• Praise self for getting through a post about Rubik without using the phrases "mindbending" or "fiendish."

Either way, I'm gonna pull the trigger on this one when they appear here in the west (It's apparently Japan-only right now). Why waste time on the inadvertent puzzles found in gadgets' user interfaces? Here's video:

Mega Toy Rubik's Mirror [MegaHouse via Digital Gadgets Freak and Technabob]

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