So, Sony, where's your netbook?


Dear Sony,

You've obviously tired of the Vaio UX UMPC, which hasn't been at SonyStyle now for months. We know you like it small and thin: your new Vaio TT is a nice little number. But it's $2,000 and up, and clearly designed for watching Blu-Ray movies and getting heavyweight work done on the go.

So when do we get our Vaio netbook? The fact is that most of the extant models are sort of ugly. We've got Dell, HP, Asus and a bunch of other guys: not exactly the Tate modern out there, is it? They all look like sandwich makers.

Come, now. Show Apple that high-end PC makers can make reasonably-priced, modest machines without frustrating their customers. Give us something tiny, lightweight, and get it out for less than $600. Put art on the case – make it print-on-demand, even. Show all these guys how to make a pretty little laptop. Sex up the dossier.

It's not as if you're wanting for heritage. Hell, you could just start making the "Picturebook" PCG series again, with only minor upgrades (WiFi, WWAN, you know), and that would be more than enough. Those things were freakin' awesome.


Or, how about it: a little brother to the old X505? It was much like the MacBook air, but a few years ahead of its day. Don't say you've not been tempted to refresh this baby since Apple proved you can sell 'em. I played with one of these a while back – not bad, even now. With 3G, Intel's Atom, and bare-minimum specs elsewhere, this would be a killer if a lid could be kept on the overall price.


Something entirely new, of course, is the more likely scenario. So how about it, Sony? Let's have a netbook we can love, not just use.

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