T-Mobile capping Android G1 3G at 1GB

T-Mobile's announcement earlier today that unlimited 3G data would cost a minimum of $25-a-month for in conjunction with the purchase of an Android G1 was well received: it's eminently reasonable and hugely competitive with AT&T's iPhone plan. But lo, not all is as it seems. The fine print indicates that there is an effective cap of 3G throughput at the 1GB range per month... anything over "may" be degraded to 50Kbps, or EDGE speeds.

That's shitty, but unsurprising: T-Mobile is a subsidiary of Deutsche Telecom, and in Germany, they are also stingy with the iPhone's data: at debut, the cap was similarly 1GB, while Americans enjoyed AT&Ts ostensible unlimited throughput. I believe it's better now, though.

There's reason to want to give the benefit of a doubt here, though: T-Mobile's American 3G rollout is still relatively new, and the G1 may be the first massive test of the system. Ramping the more omnivorous bandwidth users back a notch to maintain network performance is certainly better than wide scale complaint and revolt. The needs of the many something something.

T-Mobile 3G [T-Mobile G1 via Engadget]

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