Realistic-looking MacBook Pro photo doing the rounds


A photoshop, but not a bad one! (Tipoff: the iSight 'reflection' shows him shooting down with iPhone, but the shot's camera perspective angles upward. Behold the fury of Jesus Diaz.)

An LCD touchscreen trackpad? Yes please. But this machine looks disturbingly like an HP.

Source [No Where Else via Vallewag]

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10 Responses to Realistic-looking MacBook Pro photo doing the rounds

  1. dculberson says:

    Why is the logo on his shirt backwards? (Did he take a picture of himself taking a picture of the computer in a mirror?? oooh, so many levels!) (Nope, probably just a ‘shop!) 😉

  2. georgelazenby says:

    isight reverses images.

    more importantly, why is there a dock reflected off the ‘trackpad’ when none can be found on the screen?

  3. mralistair says:

    its not reflected off the trackpad it’s supposed to be an lcd screen

    my main thing is why is there only ever one photo? if you had one of these babies wouldn’t there either be 30 photos or none.

  4. alowishus says:

    Photochop. The perspective is off. Check out the Gizmodo article.

  5. stagueve says:

    By the way, thanxxx for the original source TB… (

  6. Anonymous says:

    Obviously a Photoshop. Only a complete idiot would take a picture like this with an iPhone. I say the low quality ‘iPhone’ picture is only to cover up a crappy Photoshop job. If I had a new MacBook that hadn’t even been announced yet, I would find somebody with a Nikon D3 just to get the best pictures possible.

    And a touchscreen trackpad is absolutely the stupidest thing I have ever seen on a laptop. Cheesy gimmicks are Windows territory, not Mac. At least, I sure hope it doesn’t show up on the next MacBooks.

  7. Clay says:

    Tracing out all the perspective lines wasn’t necessary.

    Look at the “trackpad dock.” It’s half the height of the trackpad. Viewed from above, the icons would stretch vastly out of proportion.

    Seriously, though, the first rule of doing “leak” photochops is to not use Photoshop. The best ones are done in 3D apps and then distorted, noised, and washed out, although the best method is to simply mock up a printed piece featuring the fake hardware and photograph a print of that; that way you don’t have any issues of perspective to worry about (though people will try to find them anyway), the noise is all completely natural, and you never actually retouched anything.

  8. yasth says:

    Photoshop is a lot easier than printouts, and printouts of keyboards will look wrong.

    The best way to do a leak photochop is to forge documentation (especially developer docs), and say you grabbed it off the site before it went down. It allows you to stick to line art or no art, and if it is browser viewed there is much less to trip you up. Even if you want pics, you can do wonderful stuff like noting it is a simulated non final example.

    In this case I would have “leaked” a dev page on some minutiae about running apps on the secondary screen. Easy-peasy, and almost impossible to disprove.

  9. Anonymous says:

    If this was real, the lcd trackpad wouldn’t be a barely-visible blur on the bottom of the picture, he would have taken it at a sufficient angle to show it off. Fake.

  10. historyman68 says:

    Only on BoingBoing do people not only tear bad ‘shops apart, but then offer detailed tips on how to do them better.

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