Celio Redfly now just $200


Remember Celio's Redfly, which is essentially a Windows Mobile version of Palm's cancelled Foleo? It's now just $200, which is the price point such things suddenly become interesting.

The problem with these devices was a simple one: at $500, few can justify something that looks like a laptop, but only works in concert with a smartphone. The proliferation of cheap notebooks, which offered a fuller computing experience at a cheaper pricetag, seemed the killing blow.

Today, it all makes sense: a dumb terminal for your fancy smartphone, with a big screen and a big keyboard, at a price that may appeal to those who it doesn't already solve a pre-existing problem for.

As a mild note of warning, remember this thing really is just a "smartphone companion." This is not a $200 netbook.

REDFLY Mobile Companion [Celio]

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