TantraChair adds a touch of class to specialized sex furniture


The "TantraChair" was made for fucking. Unlike similar products, it would look merely peculiar in a living room or den, not icky and terrifying. I'm not exactly the most tightly wound freak out there, but my chakras bind right up when I walk into a house and see sex toys or fetish gear out in the open. Sorry, friends! I may even find you attractive but I don't want to know that much about your body functions until we've at least played a videogame or two.

Then again, the TantraChair looks enough like regular furniture you might sit on it without realizing its true role. Consider this a public service announcement.

The TantraChair isn't even all that expensive as far as custom furniture goes: $1,200. It's available in a variety of upholstery options, as well. If you'd like to learn more about how the chair can be used, the company page features two rather spectacular-looking humans going at it right there on the couch in pictures so vivid you can practically smell the Clorox Clean-Up. (Which is to say: NSFW.)

TantraChair product page [TantraChair.com via Boinkology via Ad Rants]

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