Rumor: Apple instructs reseller to remove, destroy Apple TV displays


Is the rumored "brick" device about to make its entry, or is Apple just about to take Steve's hobby horse out back? Or it is just another empty web rumor? Quickly, someone photoshop it!

Rumor: Is the Apple TV being replaced? [TUAW]

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  1. I love my AppleTV! It’ll be 2 years old this december. The one thing I wanted it to do more of is to record tv like a tivo and show programming info, I’d hope a new settop box from apple would have this.

    Also netflix, oh wait…my xbox can do this in a month or so :p

  2. Yes, let’s create a new product, float rumors about it, then destroy (or try to at least) all traces of it. We will surely benefit humankind, just like in that commercial we did about 25 years ago.

    Apple = Microsoft = Crap-loser companies who don’t give a shit about what’s really going on in the world.

  3. honestly JAI your the first person I’ve heard of that even have an apple tv. Even my hardcore mac fanboy friends thought they were dumb and never bought one.

  4. I love the idea of the Apple TV, but when the output on even the demo units in the store looks like crap it’s hard to buy one.

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