LG reveals new 3G netbook, the Momo


LG is releasing a 3G netbook called the Momo X110. Like all netbooks, it has indistinguishable specs: the ubiquitous 1.6GHz processor, a 1.3MP webcam, a 10 inch screen and Windows XP. The big addition is the 3G radio antenna, which will likely see the X110 as a bundle-deal with cellphone carriers.

The product name strikes me as a bit strange for an English market, though. LG is obviously conjuring up the image of a peach with the Momo name, which is a fine connotation for a cute netbook in pastel colors. But it's also a bit tin-eared: it's too close phonemically to the word "homo" not to cause a slew of double-takes when shoppers skim through their Verizon Wireless circulars and — for one brief moment, before they rub their eyes and re-read — are seemingly confronted with an ad for an adorable, pink laptop that apparently wears its sexuality on its sleeve. Which is, admittedly, a pretty wonderful mental image, but perhaps not the one LG is looking for.

X110 Momo [LG via Gadget Lab]

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