Top X: Seven cool things Apple's mysterious Brick could be


There are many mundane or metaphorical things that Apple's "Brick" could be, and few outside Cupertino have any idea what it is. But we all know what we'd like it to be, right? Come Apple's October surprise, perhaps we'll be seeing an ad just a little like one of the following.

How about a new Apple TV which just happens to actually be a TV?


Or maybe just an upgrade to the current one...


Whenever we mention the Brick, someone always pines for an OSX that runs on more than just a Mac...


Keeping the analysts on their toes, it's the eternal never-ran, the myth, the mystery, the Mac Tablet....


Most iPod dock-equipped stereos are rubbish. Let's put that multitouch to use!


If the economy pitches and people stop spending money on computers, perhaps a netbook-style Mac will become a reality. Don't bet on it...


What is a brick, but a dead iPhone?


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  1. iLog …
    iLog ….
    it’s hard, it’s heavy, it’s wood …
    iLog …
    iLog ….
    it never is bad – it’s good!

  2. My twelve-year-old keeps loading Mac OSX on his PC no matter how many times I tell him he is not to enrage the guardian demons of intellectual propriety. How do I make him stop?

    I’m really, completely serious. I am so tired of catching him hackintoshing. Any ideas out there?

  3. I realize that new Apple products may actually qualify as news about gadgets, but this site is very nearly becoming a Mac blog. Aren’t there enough of those sites for people who leap out of bed in the morning and slobber their way to their laptops just to let Steve Jobs suck more money out of their accounts (if there’s any left)?

  4. alright, I guess I have to be the dick. The apple on the sign in front of 1 infinite loop is blue…not red 🙂 Oh! I also would like an apple record player iVinyl

  5. Arbot’s stuck in pedantic and petty mode; we need to reboot him and put his kernel in run level five.

  6. @6: I looked! You find a record player that looks remotely like something Apple would make, and I’ll pshop it.

  7. Stop dissing on Artbot, he’s got a point there (and Rob, that “only 3 out of 25” is exactly the argument I so would have loved to state, only that I feared the reaction Artbot has now called down on himself. Only the “3” in this case is really an exception to the rule. Said rule gives an average of 8-10, seriously. Daily. Almost 40% of all posts on a gadget site dedicated that one company that really doesn’t need any more exposure than it already gets).

  8. Hey, how about an iPhone/iPod stero dock that is actually Stereo?

    That is, you can separate the speakers because there are two of them, and actually use stereo speakers as designed, not mashed together for convenience in one box.

  9. @gary61

    ‘Better than bad’, not ‘never is bad’. Ren and Stimpy reference fail. These things are important, dammit.

  10. Garr, in the last 100 posts I count 11 which mention Apple. 40 percent, indeed!

    The problem with confirmation bias is that it tells us we *should* be posting about it more than we actually do. 🙂

  11. I really hope that it isn’t a souped-up Mini, because I just bought one, and I don’t need to stroke out in a fit of envy-fueled apoplexy.

  12. re: #14 Anon …..
    Sorry, my bad, my iBrain’s on the blink again … damn tech support SUX!
    (and, of course, it hit me at 2 am that I failed)

  13. Thanks, Garr.

    #16 – I think you need a larger sample. There have definitely been days when the percentage was around 80 or 90 (typically at trade show time). I’m almost certain this number would be much higher if you sampled, say, a year’s posts.

    I could care less about Apple one way or the other. They make a few nice products. I even own a few. It’s just a sad fact that America revels in product obsolescence and the chance to replace old (and I mean, like, 6 months old) with new. This behavior is never more visible than when new Mac products hit the shelves.

    C’mon, people, they are just tools, not lifestyles!

  14. I’m no Apple fan, but maybe if the PC world got it’s ass in gear and made things worth talking about, you’d see more stories on BBG at those things.

    Love them or hate them, Apple does know how to stir up conversation about their products.

  15. Of the last 500 posts, 53 were about Apple or concerned Apple in some way. Knocking on 11 percent.

    And this includes a Jobsnote, with liveblog and product announcements. On that day, it was 5 of about 21 posts, or 25 pecrcent.

    SRSLY, guys. Seeing 80-90% is some freaky-ass confirmation bias.

  16. Rob, you are of course 100% right. (Or is that really 50-60% right but I have confirmation bias?)

  17. Hi there,
    I do think that a really big step would be embedding ZINK (Zero ink) printing technology (actually in POGO device) in all laptop and ipod/iPhone family products.
    The POGO device is already really slim and even if in my example I used an iPod touch I really think that Macbook or similar products would be more appropriate to carry such output.

    I don’t know how to post images so just a look here:


  18. @2. You could always stick an Apple sticker on the hackintosh and then be in compliance with the user agreement to only load OSX on apple branded equipment.

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