Asus Eee PC S101 is one slender, attractive netbook


The new Asus Eee PC S101 is my new favorite netbook that I probably still won't buy. It's gorgeous, but more than that, it's tiny: 10.2-inch screen, less than 1 kilogram in weight (probably around 2 pounds), and only 1.8-centimeters thick. Before you ask: yup, that's smaller and thinner than the MacBook Air.

The tech specs are in line with most other netbooks: Wi-Fi (802.11n), Ethernet (only 10/100), 1GB of RAM, solid-state drive (16, 32, or 64GB), built-in card reader, Intel Atom processor.

So, so small, though. I'm sort of giddy about it and I have no reason to explain why that is so. I haven't even seen the inside of this thing yet. Prices start at $700, up to $800 depending on storage and OS options. (Windows and Linux are available.)

ASUS Launches Fashion-Friendly Eee PC Model, S101 (Press release) []

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  1. I still can’t understand the attraction. I bought an HP 2133. It cost less than the Eee PC, has a ton more ram memory, has a 160gb hard drive and runs happily now that I “downgraded” from Vista to XP. (Disks included, I already had the external cd/dvd drive the computer lacks.)

    What am I missing here? It must be something


  2. It’s a really small laptop. That’s the attraction. No moving parts (eg. harddrive, cd/dvd drive).

    what’s not to “get”?

  3. Get giddy over netbooks! The excitement is justifiable. Celebrate the netbooks size, its convenience, its accessibility to people who could not have afforded a laptop. Be excited: Netbooks are coming of age.
    Netbook reviews.

  4. Absolutely get giddy over ’em!

    The things are fun and useful!

    I LOVE mine, and am indeed quite giddy.
    (Just wait until after five o’clock people…)

  5. hey bruno

    Did you buy hp 2133

    Have you checked the youtube videos comparing eee to hp 2133.

    I think the hp comes with a useless processor and takes almost twice as much time to boot than eee’s

    Too bad that you have got it.

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