HP's iPaq returns as smartphone -- again!


Hewlett Packard knows that growth is the best way to look forward in bad times. In creating its new smartphone, however, it's looking back to its old iPaq PDAs, once among the most desirable gadgets going.


Ipaq, as a llne, isn't dead. HP uses the brand for powerful and rugged unlocked handsets that appeal to hardcore business travelers and field workers. The new device, however, will be sold to all by carriers, with all the attendant marketing and subsidy-driven prices that implies. From the WSJ:

The new device will have a touchscreen and keypad and will use Microsoft Corp.'s Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system, say people briefed on the plan. It will be able to send and receive emails, and access the Internet.

Europe first, in November.

H-P Plans to Unveil Smart Phone

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One Response to HP's iPaq returns as smartphone -- again!

  1. dmoisan says:

    I have an iPaq 2410 that was a display model at a Staples for several years before I got it. I’ve used mine for a year and I love it. The abuse it probably got in the store didn’t hurt it at all!

    I’d love to be able to have the iPaq 910 to replace it.

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