We give thanks for this LEGO turkey


Just in time for Thanksgiving, the beautiful new LEGO Castle "Medieval Market Village" (10193) comes what I believe is the very first LEGO turkey. A swooping, delicious neck is confirmed by the picture — but you make have to craft your own giblets.

10193 Medieval Market Village to be released in 2009 [Exclusive] [Brothers-Brick.com]

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  1. Hrm. Turkeys are native to North America, so unlikely in a European medieval market. Assuming it isn’t an anachronism (accidental or deliberate), it’s a goose.

  2. I think this is also the first time minifigs have cleavage, outside of the Princess Leia as Jabba Slave minifig.

  3. i have a friend who is a Lego fanatic/collector, and if you check any of the online trading/sale sites it appears the Lego turkey was last issued with a set in 1999. i don’t recall which set it was, but by an odd bit of synchronicity my friend was telling me about the turkey earlier this evening and showed me how the old turkey was selling for about $30 at the auction sites.

  4. …It’s sets like this that have me wondering why Sparky Shultz never authorized a Peanuts LEGO set series. A Charlie Brown Chrisnukkah and It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown scream for LEGO sets! I can see it now: Minifig Charlie Brown runs up to kick football, minifig leg breaks on football, Lucy comments about amazing it is that it’s not just the flat plates that get stuck and are hard to remove!

  5. @ALAN: I remember when I got the Black Seas Barracuda back in 1989, the pirate wench woman had some definite boobery going on. I’m not sure you could call it cleavage, but it certainly caught the attention of this, at the time, 9 year old boy. Tee hee hee!

  6. followed by 10194, the LEGO Shtetl. They can re-use the turkey as the shabbos chicken. In all seriousness though, if LEGO licensed Fiddler, I’d definitely buy the entire Anatefka line.

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