One-time payment for unlimited internet on U.K. PocketSurfer


PocketSurfer 2 is a little QWERTY clamshell device that does for the web what Peek does for email: as in, nothing but the web. You turn it on, and you got yourself a web browser hooked up to a cellular internet connection. Simple, no-nonsense, single-purpose gadgetry.

Brits will pay £200 for it, which might seem horrible given that the American edition, called the PC Edge, is only $200. But whereas U.S. customers have to fork out for a full scale $25 monthly data plan ($30 if you don't get a contract!), users in the U.K. just pay £40 a year for unlimited access, or £60 for a lifetime sub.

I played around with an earlier version of one of these. It's extremely light and pocketable, and it's great having a nice big screen for portable web access, but that oh-so-pretty keyboard can't be typed on properly.

DataWind PocketSurfer2 Launched [Ubergizmo]

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