MacBrick Pro revealed! Maybe!


Cut from a single "brick" of aluminum, purportedly, the new MacBook Pro is a sculpture: it exists in the marble, waiting to be cut free by the chisel. Or the laser. You know.

From this shot, which appears to have a seam between side and top, it rather appears the whole brick thing refers to laser-cutting the MacBook Pro's new, thicker keyboard panel to get it to match in the style used on the MacBook and desktop keyboards (and by Sony). If this speculation is true, and I dearly hope it isn't, "brick" is the most absurd lot of hype the universe has seen since the first crusade. Or the Amiga CDTV. You know.

Nonetheless, it looks nice. The crap photo is convincingly mundane, no?

Update: Gizmodo exhaustively explores this very line of thought.

Source [via MacRumors]

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5 Responses to MacBrick Pro revealed! Maybe!

  1. Secret_Life_of_Plants says:

    Alas, it looks as though they have retained the stupidly sharp edges that cut into your wrists if you don’t type in the carpel-tunnel position.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Are all these ‘scoop’ photos taken by the same person with the same crappy camera phone?

    I have a deep suspicion there is someone deep in a bunker at Apple who is paid to mock up bad misleading product sneak previews.

  3. Halloween Jack says:

    I’m going to make my own prediction: in the near future, when we’re used to talking about cameras in terms of gigapixels (those of us that can afford them, anyway, and aren’t preoccupied with hauling home bushels of million-dollar bills to heat our shacks with), alleged spy pictures will still be exactly this shitty.

  4. dculberson says:

    Halloween Jack, you are almost certainly right. And the main reason? It’s not the equipment, it’s the operator. Many (most) people seem to lack the ability to realize what people want to see when looking at a photo.

  5. TypoBoy says:

    I can empathize with people who take shitty pictures. Back in the day’s of when cheap camera’s were not digital I was fortunate enough to have a layover in Paris while installing a network in Gabon.

    One of the cliche tourist things I did was was snap photo’s of the the Eiffel tower. One of the guys who made their living taking picture for tourists looked in horror at what a mess I was making. He insisted on borrowing my camera and taking a few shots at no charge. He just could not stand to have me walk away with pictures that bad. And yes, since he did this professionally, I did have the courtesy to offer him a tip – I figured if it was a variant sales pitch he deserved it for creativity. But he turned me down, so it really have been what he said: he could not stand to see photos taken that badly.

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