Working calculator made in Little Big Planet, a PS3 sandbox game

This is sort of intense: a beta tester for the soon-to-launch PlayStation 3 game Little Big Planet has created a working 8-bit calculator inside the physics-and-apparently-logic simulator. Because there are basic electronics simulations in LBP, the creator "Upsilandre" reminds that this is an electronic calculator, not simpply a mechanical one, using 610 magnetic switches, 500 Wires, 430 pistons, 70 emitters — all simulated in game.

[via Technabob via NOTCOT]

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  1. If we can get that out of the beta, what are we going to get out of the final game?

    Make me an NES emulator, please.

  2. Pah, I remain unimpressed.

    Call me when they’ve built an in-game computer that can run another copy of Little Big Planet.

  3. That is seriously impressive. He’s just made ENIAC. Next stop,multiplication and division. I wonder if you can create NAND gates.

  4. Bugs @5:

    Given that someone’s made a Turing-complete digital computer implementation in the Game of Life, I cannot help but be confident that it is merely a matter of time before someone makes a Turing-complete machine within this sandbox.

    However, as always, any simulation involves a tradeoff of space, time, or accuracy – pick any two you like.

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