Motorola Krave ZN4 phone has clear flip top


The primogenitor of that Infomerican delicacy the "flip phone", Motorola, has unveiled to one lucky citizen its latest — and dare I say most attractive — innovation: the Krave ZN4, which eschews the now retrograde opacity of previous ear-arms for the crystaline transparency that will define this week's geegaw couture. Why spend any longer wondering what shimmering jewels are hidden inside your clasped transmitter, its tiny wonderama whirling dreams against a dark flap and unloving hasp? With the Kraze ZN4 you are burdened by this anxiety no longer, its LCD screen encased under not one but two sheets of perfect glass, an inner touchscreen just one convenient crack-and-flip away.

The Krave ZN4 will be available to Infomerican citizens who, having biennially spun the Wheel O' Carriers, have been assigned membership in the Loyal Order of Verizon.

First look at the Moto Krave ZN4 [ via Engadget]


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