Acer Aspire X3200 HTPC gets Blu-Ray


I continue to love my Acer Aspire X3200 as a wonderfully tiny, low power sipping, extremely affordable all-in-one HTPC solution. There's something to be said for going out and buying exactly what you need instead of hobbling together a Frankenstein solution from spare parts.

Unfortunately, one of the features missing from the last-gen of Aspire X3200s was Blu-Ray. It didn't bother me too much since I only have marginal interest in Blu-Ray, but I would have been delighted if Acer had included it.

Looks like I bought my X3200 a month too early, then. Acer has just announced that they are upgrading the X3200 with a 2.1GHz AMD Phenom X3 processor, 4GB RAM, a 640GB hard drive and a built-in Blu Ray drive for $680. That's a fantastic upgrade. If you need a home theater PC, get this one.

Acer AX3200 Desktop PC [Slashgear]

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  1. Anyone know if the non-Bluray models will go on sale… and if so, where? I could care less about bluray, but have been looking at this model for our HTPC setup.

    Also, John, or anyone else, had any luck with OSX86/Hackintosh on this machine? I’d love to give Plex a go…

  2. So, is there any way one of the BBG editors might feel up to writing an article convincing my wife why a HTPC is needed?
    I get the feeling she’ll just laugh at me for suggesting the idea…

  3. @TJ S
    My friend, you mixed up something about how the gender roles are distributed.
    Go to the kitchen and show your missus what that spatula really is for.

  4. @1: why would you need to run plex when you can just run XBMC on it. These would be really awesome if acer just threw in an IR port. Im thinking about getting one anyways though.

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