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Engadget has the goods! So does Gizmodo! A classic Duel of Watermarks. I like the edge-to-edge glassy display, but feel that its darkness is rather imposing the need for that ugly black keyboard. Does the MacBook Pro need to be hip? In all other respects, though, it's a beaut: finally, the latch is dead. Who hasn't hated that damned thing since the PowerBook days?

Gruber has the best first impressions.

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  1. “Does the MacBook Pro need to be hip?”

    Considering the way Apple has positioned themselves in the market, yes the MacBook Pro needs to be hip. It needs to be the laptop that every hipster wants but doesn’t know why. It needs to come with carefully sculpted stubble and vintage clothing.

  2. I’m with Mappo on this one. For a desktop, a glossy screen isn’t detrimental to functionality because the lighting in the room can usually be adjusted to prevent the mirror effect.

    Notebooks, however, with the essential function of being portable, don’t enjoy this advantage. I have a glossy screen on my notebook, which makes it nearly unusable at times.

    Sure, it’s supposed to produce a better image, but what’s the point of a better image on-screen when I can’t see it through the reflection of myself? Also, in such lighting situations, is the difference in image quality perceptible?

  3. > Holy crap that’s ugly

    You’re not alone. In my opinion the new macbooks and macbook pro’s are both really ugly. They look like Sony’s. This is the new ‘I’m a PC’ mac look.

  4. The new Apple style is hideous. Apple used to be a star of minimalism, now their products look like cheap Taiwanese gamer PC laptops. I can’t believe they ruined even the Macbook Pro and CinemaView displays. There’s no credibility in the design anymore, it’s just cheap. I’m seriously thinking dumbing Apple for good and staying in the Linux world. Apple’s minimalistic design was the only reason for me to use their machines (often for running Linux instead of OS X, Leopard is ugly as hell as well).

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