Custom portable Dreamcast is fascinating, punishable offense


Here's a curious thing: A citizen has taken several state-issued items, disassembled them, and reassembled them into a new item that performs a function only slightly different than the original core object.

While almost certainly illegal — it's difficult for me to quickly look up the regulations this "Hailrazer" fellow is violating without the assistance of our umbilical custodial daemons in parsing our glorious two trillion lines of Infomercian legal allowances — I cannot help but wonder if this project, in which a Sega Dreamcast has been crammed into a Lazer Doodle toy case, does not in some way comment on the industrious and creative spirit that, when properly shepherded by the loving hand of our state, lives within the minds of every Infomercian.

Still, what a bafflement! This "DarthCast" project seems only to replicate the ability of our official Dreamcast entertainment nugget (now deprecated; if you have a lingering unit that has not reported itself to a local sub-node, please incinerate manually). Why would a citizen take all the time to create this non-standard device when its functionality has already been replicated with newer, official products many times over? It must be a desire to taste a small portion of the pride felt by Minimac itself when it imagines a new item for each of to enjoy.

I hope to answer these questions and more when interviewing Hellrazer, who was corralled and seized for reprocessing at 0721 this morning, along with several cohabitants of his vine when they objected to the mandatory quarantine and incineration of their housing modules.

DarthCast .My next portable started. FINISHED 🙂 []


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