MIMO 7-inch LCD monitors for menus, widgets and contact lists


Ever since I plugged a secondary monitor into my computer for the first time, I've had a maxim: the more displays hooked up to your machine, the better. If you scoff, try it out: you would be amazed at what a difference additional real estate can have. You'll find yourself more comfortably multi-tasking, kenneling similar applications on distinct monitors: typing apps in the center, image manipulation apps to the right, with the most sinistral LCD constantly visualizing your iTunes playlist or playing an episode of Futurama.

I've always fancied adding another, smaller monitor to my current setup. I envisioned a tiny corral for my IM contacts window, a clock, an unread email counter, contained inside a display scarcely larger than a digital frame.

The MIMO display (Korea only, for now) seems like just the ticket. A small, 7" LCD that connects to your computer as an additional monitor via a spare USB port, the MIMO is surprisingly cheap.The basic, screen-only version is only $78, where as the more advanced UM-750 features a touchscreen, TV tuner and built-in webcam for only $147.

Keeping my fingers crossed that this hits the States... and by the time it does, it adds in Mac support.

MIMO [Funshop Korea via Technabob]

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  1. I use three monitors at home and at work, and still want more. Flash alone likes to use up all of three monitors if there’s a lot of coding and timeline animation to be done, and that’s just one app. I’d love another little LCD for messaging and iTunes, but frankly, why does it have to be little? Gimme another big one!

  2. That is a pretty neat little gizmo – I hope they release something like that in the US. Looks like you can easily swap it from hozo to vert which is a nifty trick.

    I do hope they make a ~$100 option to have a touchscreen without the tuner & webcam, that would be awesome.

  3. I love multi monitor, but I deal with a lot of paperwork. So I just have two monitors, but for an extra touch of awesome (and desk space for papers), I have them on an Ergotron arm. The arm cost more than either monitor – actually I think more than both monitors together – but it is/was totally worth it. The monitors hover 6″ above the desk, a fixed distance apart, and can swing out of the way when not needed. The only contact point with the desk is a 4″ x 6″ rectangular base, bolted through a hole in the desk.

    Plus I get that whole “ooooohhhh” reaction from geeks when they come in my office. 😉

    Regarding “sinistral,” Brownlee, you never fail to disappoint. Any post where I have to look up a word (and that word is used appropriately) is a good post.

    I’m gonna have to seriously consider one of these if they become available stateside. I’m not sure what I’d do with it, but something would come up.

  4. I’ve considered trying to get my nokia 770 running VNC and chat programs and using it as the “external” display, but that has the problem that you obviously can’t drag things back and forth. This USB monitor thing would be cool, but I’d like to see large e-ink sheets that operate as USB displays, for documentation and stuff which doesn’t need refresh rate.

  5. I’m sure an LED could handle visualizing iTunes but I think it might be a bit low-res for watching Futurama.

  6. #5 – I looked at their site and I believe the resolution is 800×480 which should a pretty decent amount of screen.

    #4 – A simple way to convert the n770 to a screen like this would be amazing and a great repurposing of my loyal friend.

  7. Since my dual monitor set up usually has personnel stuff on one screen and budget stuff on the other, having one of these little touch screen monitors with just the calculator program running would totally make my day.


  8. oooo … that’s definitely on the WANT list.
    I could do a lot with a little 800×480 extra screen while I’m gaming.

  9. sounds nifty. I was sceptical at first, because it really is quite small (and I don’t quite understand how you output GPU-rendered information through USB), but then I read the additional information and now I totally need one:

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  10. Sitting at a desk, if I used a desktop, I’m totally envious of the productivity of those 4-monitor or 8-monitor setups I see financial analysts use (e.g. Bloomberg terminal) or that I’ve seen researchers at LHC using.

    But my life is geared for the complete opposite — portability. I crave the new aluminum 13″ MacBook for just that reason. So, I’m far more inclined to use Spaces for virtual desktops instead. (Now, if only they could attach and detach like GNU screen. I’m also a huge fan of synergy.)

  11. #4 Anonymous,

    How about something like Synergy?

    It lets you control two computers (running different operating systems!) with one mouse and keyboard.

    You can move the mouse pointer off the edge of one screen onto the other.

    Disclosure: Haven’t tried it, myself, sorry.

  12. I’m not really sure that adding a small, oddly-shaped chunk of real estate to your desktop is *that* useful. You’re going to have to position something there, very specifically, in that small space. I’m just not sure that the utility justifies the hassle of putting something there… or that it would become instinctive, you know?

    I can easily see myself getting it hooked up just right, and then never using it.

    HOWEVER, I really DO need an external LCD that statically displays a current version of my Sunbird calendar. So I’d really love a digital picture frame device, but one that accepts and displays images PRIMARILY on a “pushed-from-server” basis, not on a “periodically checks a data source for new pics and rotates them into the mix” basis. I’ve come up empty so far.

    Any ideas? Email me please: djs10 ampersand po.cwru.edu … thank you!

    – David Stein

  13. Until you can get these in the US, don’t forget the wonderful little Chumby (http://www.chumby.com/). Doesn’t connect to your computer but it is a fabulous addition to your office or kitchen to see any incoming info,news, or gadgets you might need over wifi. I have one for monitoring all our webcams, getting weather updates, listening to music, etc and it is fabulous

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