Plush R2-D2 backpack is the droid you're looking for


This is awesome entirely because they didn't try to make it look anything like a backpack at all.

It's $65, plus shipping.

R2-D2 backpack catalog page [] (Thanks, Kleer001!)

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Update: John also wrote this up but I beat him to the punch because I barely wrote anything.

Ever since I dumped my first girlfriend during a preschool Star Wars play session by telling her that she was no longer pretty enough to be Princess Leia and must now be Chewbacca, I have felt an affinity for Luke Skywalker, and this affinity only grows as I stand upon the threshold of my 30s.

Like Luke Skywalker in The Empire Strikes Back, I am a mop headed blond with a shrill castrati's voice and a once attractive face mangled by incompetent reconstructive surgery. Like Luke, I have strange psychic powers: under my penetrative stare, I have caused watch pots to boil, to name only one of my great works. Like Luke, I have made out with my own sister; like him, I am advised by a tiny green creature with strange, backwards speech patterns who clings to my back and exhorts me to kill my own father. It all fits.

One thing is missing, though: my own R2 unit. This R2-D2 backpack isn't a functional astromech droid, of course, but it does look as though it would store a mini-keg beneath its padded dome. I can't actually recall if Luke ever strapped R2D2 to his back, but I wouldn't be surprised: as far as I'm concerned, only Episodes IV - VI are canon, and all that Phantom Menace crap about R2 being able to fly is just guff. I'm sure Luke had to piggyback poor R2 from time to time: that droid was not meant for traversing Dagobah.

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