A little more about Motorola's upcoming Android phone


BusinessWeek has pried a little information out of Motorola about their upcoming Android-based phone, which will have " an iPhone-like touch screen, a slide-out qwerty keyboard, and a host of social-network-friendly features". Sources describe it as a slightly higher-end version of the HTC-built T-Mobile G1, except with a price point even lower.

If the first wave of Android phones all launch with similar hardware feature sets it wouldn't break my heart. My biggest fear with Android is that the hardware across different manufacturers will vary so much that third-party software won't work consistently across the platform. And for all the minor complaints about the G1's size, there's much to recommend a slide-out QWERTY keyboard for a social networking and instant messaging device.

Motorola Readies Its Own Android Social Smartphone [BusinessWeek.com]

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  1. The deal breaker for me on Android is not the hardware, but the software. Android requires being connected to a Gmail account. All of your contacts and calenders get synced to Google’s servers.

    I don’t want Google having access to all my contacts and appointments. It just makes my life a little less private. There are far too many TLAs looking for an excuse to play connect the dots with unrelated personal information for me to use such a thing.

  2. @1 You do realize that you can simply setup a gmail account and then not use it, or better yet yet use it as a decoy if you are that worried about people looking.

    There are plenty of ways to use android without being beholden to using google products (though many will see the integration as a plus not a minus) and only more will come as people start developing for it.

  3. The G1 is a nice start & I’d give it a try… but not for a two-year T-Mobile contract, when the phone warranty is only one year.

    If T-Mobile starts offering a better price on that phone for a one-year contract I might give it a shot.

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