Pomera Digital Memo portable writing device does only that


Rob and I are both obsessed with the chimeric ultimate portable writing device. The idea is simple: essentially, it is a tiny, lightweight word processor with a low price, quick startup and incredible battery life that does nothing short of allow you to jot off a few pages of an article or short story no matter where you are. A sort of small, hardware-based Writeroom platform, really.

It seems like it should exist, but it doesn't: laptops are more fully featured but too expensive and netbooks fail on battery life. The idea, really, is far too specific to ever get any traction: like the Peek email client, it's the sort of gadget that would only be reviewed based upon the criterion of what it was never meant to do.

So I'm sort of captivated by this Pomera Digital Memo. It's exactly the device we are talking about: pocketable, with a full-sized folding keyboard, 2 second startup and 20 hours battery life. All you can do on it is type.

Unfortunately, it's still far too expensive at $269, so the search continues.

Pomera Digital Memo [King Jim via Engadget]

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