The Calamente fork for spaghetti twirling


The Calamente fork features a sharp metallic thumb at its base, imitating the human hand for better spaghetti twirling. A canny evolution: why has it taken cutlery engineers so long to realize that I can twirl spaghetti far more gracefully by simply picking it up off my plate and whirling it rotor-like around my head for a few seconds than I can with that useless and pretentious gastronomic affectation, the fork?

I kid. I actually think this is pretty neat. I also like how it looks like some sort of Klington urethra gutting device.

Calamente [Official Site via Trends in Japan]

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  1. Ok, as an Italian and as “the Spaghetti Communist”, i say: No Way.

    I mean, I like Japan, but there’s only one way to perfectly twirl spaghettis: using a fork AND a spoon.

  2. It’s true, no problems with fork and spoon.

    And what’s the deal with the urinary system. A favored metaphor?

  3. #1, are you really italian?

    My italian friends would *never* use a fork and a spoon. Only the lowliest slob creature would use a spoon. You use a fork and the curve of the plate. The fork and the spoon thing is something like chinese fortune cookies.

  4. Brownlee… you kill me!! I’m sitting here in Starbucks laughing my fool head off… the clientele are becoming suspicious. Stop… now…

    Frankly, the only people I’ve ever seen use fork AND spoon are my in-laws, who are English and wouldn’t know a Klingon if one came rising up out of their spaghetti.

  5. Have chubby kids or an overweight husband or wife? This fork ought to scare the weight right off of them as they have a hard time getting food near their faces.

  6. Can’t say I’ve ever had any problems with a perfectly ordinary fork, without even a spoon.

    Looks cool though.

  7. This is really stupid. The japanese site instructs you to scoop up the spaghetti with the additional fork tooth. Why not use the lowest tooth of the four you already have on any ordinary eating fork? Duh.

  8. I chop my spaghetti up into bite-sized lengths with a fork and butter knife… It’s a time-honoured technique… (My time, on my honour.)

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