iKey's newest Bluetooth keyboard has industrial anti-charm


Say hello to iKey's BT-87-TP, a brutally minimalistic industrial keyboard with a touchpad built in. Though it lacks a separate numeric keypad, it doesn't chop the function keys and has Bluetooth to keep the world wire-free. Two AA batteries keep it fed.

Hot or not? I say hot, of course, but not as hot as it would be if it was made of stainless steel. You won't be buying this easily, however, as you must submit a "quote request"–a sure sign that they're not interested in selling to consumers.

Key BT-87-TP [iKey via CG]

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  1. Ugh, I can’t stand chopped Shift keys… That’s my one major problem with laptop keyboards; that I basically have to only shift with my left hand or potentially miss the key.

  2. ewwwwwwwwwwwww.

    We have machines at work that use the same technology for the keyboards, and they’re horrible. You will not be able to type with any speed on this thing.

    It probably will withstand quite a bit of stuff spilled on it though.

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