Oprah, Amazon, and cockteasing


"What is Oprah's favorite gadget?" asks this video player on Amazon.com.

I don't know the answer because the 24-second clip never actually says. Thanks for making me feel doubly stupid for wanting to know the answer, Amazon.

I'll just go ahead and guess: I bet it's the Sybian. And there's one for all of you under your chairs!

Update: Oh, it's the Kindle. I guess I should have spotted that one, but I'm dense.

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  1. “I’ll just go ahead and guess: I bet it’s the Sybian. And there’s one for all of you under your chairs!”

    Too funny!

  2. Oh, how I wish there *was* a Sybian under my chair right now. Though my officemates may feel differently…

  3. I saw this last night and almost clicked, but Oprah wasn’t the last thing I wanted to see before going to sleep. Today, Amazon changed it to say “What is Oprah’s favorite new product?” I still don’t care to find out.

  4. Normally, when she yells “It’s Under YOUR CHAIR!” the audience jumps up and down, but if it was already under their chair, they’d have been jumping up and down BEFORE the announcement.

  5. I originally thought it read “Opera on a Sybian” and I thought to myself “How would that work?”

  6. Oh, it did say “Opera on a Sybian” on the BoingBoing link. Would that be the genre of musical theater or the web browser?

  7. I also saw Opera on a Sybian… and was thinking that perhaps technological integration had gone a little bit too far.

  8. I have to admit, I was compelled by a sick curiosity to find out how, or perhaps more importantly, why someone hacked a sybian to run Opera.

  9. …After the Sybian was mentioned, I now have this nightmare vision of Oprah, circa The Color Purple, using one and flattening it just before the first orgasm even came close.

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