Bandai Gun O'clock shooting target alarm clock


Even if I didn't like the Bandai "Gun O'Clock" alarm clock — and I do, because I already wake each morning with a gun in hand just in case my dog has turned into a sexy female spy cowboy who has decided to betray me after a night of whisky martini-fueled passions — I would write about it simply as an excuse to post this picture. I dare John and Rob to find a better product image anywhere. They can't. Spy cowboys trump all.

And in case you want to actually buy this thing, Strapya World is taking pre-orders now for a November release. I'd put $45 on it right now if I could be sure I wouldn't mix the special infrared gun with one of the dozens of real handguns with which I sleep each night.

Gun O'clock catalog page [] (Thanks, Ricardo!)

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