Harness the power of a rainbow to learn to type


All rainbow directives at Boing Boing Gadgets come from the top. The guy who decided Infomercia — our joyless, Orwellian gadget state — should be rainbow colored? The guy who has been pushing for a BBG redesign in the style of the Reading Rainbow open credits, complete with auto-playing theme song sung and performed by him? Joel.

So it doesn't take much guessing to decide that Joel will probably like this KeyRight Learning Keyboard, with each chromatic QWERTY meant to teach budding typist where to corral each of their gingers. Heck, Joel's practically shilling the thing: that slouched, effeminate Asian man in the official product image? The one in the glasses and hipster hair, hugging a rainbow keyboard to his sunken chest as if it were a stuffed unicorn? I'm really not sure that isn't Joel after a quick dye job and the surgical addition of a couple epicanthic folds. None of us have seen him for weeks!

Keyright [Official Site via CNet]

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