Mac Minis to get GeForce motherboards?


Who knows if the Mac Mini is dead or just dormant? On the one hand, Apple's told retailers not to order any more; on the other, the fact that it's the only entry-level Mac during a period of economic distress.

Still, rumors keep on sidling towards "update" over "dusted." The latest rumor, courtesy of MacWorld's Peter Cohen: that the next refresh of the MacMini will ditch the Intel integrated graphics motherboard for the GeForce 9-series of motherboards.

That would be great news, if true. It is in-keeping with the recent Macbook refresh, and it means the Mac Mini would become something you could actually run World of Warcraft on. And if the update to the GeForce 9-series means the Mac Mini can push video decoding to the GPU the way the new MacBooks can, it'll make the Mini an attractive HTPC option again as well.

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