The first Macs to offer Blu-Ray are made by... Psystar?


Steve Jobs may have described Blu-Ray as a big bag of hurt, but Mac clone maker Psystar has decided to incorporate Blu-Ray drives into its line ofOpenPro desktops... even as they face being bludgeoned to deathwith a huge sack of legal hurt wielded Apple's attorneys.

According to Psystar's president:

Blu-ray has already won the format war. Not only is there fully functional and mature support for Blu-ray in other operating systems but you can now rent Blu-ray discs from almost any rental chain. Blu-ray has become pervasive technology that is being widely adopted by consumers everywhere. Blu-ray is not just for movies. The ability to burn 25-gigabyte discs is a feature that can help users in media editing or enterprise environments keep archives of large file sets. Our systems, regardless of configured operating system, can now provide this functionality.

The OpenPro desktop with Blu-Ray, an NVIDIA GeForce 9800GT and OS X installed starts at $1665. You know, I'm sure Psystar is going to be gelatinated into a long, bloody skidmark upon the underpants of the legal system, but I have to say... I love these guys.

Psystar to offer Blu-Ray support [PR Web via Slashgear.

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  1. I’d be very curious to see how Psystar is suggesting one of these systems will go about playing BD movies when the OS lacks not only a player app but even the very drivers required to access the media.

    Hey, at least they have a nice case this time.

  2. Its just a BDR drive that you can already buy for a Mac Pro (or a Macbook Pro + skillz) from If you *really* want a BluRay burner on your Mac, you’ve been able to do so for over a year.

    Again, Macs will not support BluRay playback until OSX is not required to have always on and persistent DRM like Windows has. That’s the cost that Steve was talking about, not a $200 build to order option.

    Wake me up when something interesting happens.

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