Competition: Invent a new law to apply to Apple-Psystar case

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World of Apple's Dizzle again excoriates bloggers for making things up based on their misunderstandings of legal minutiae.

AppleInsider went so far as to state: "Last month, it was reported that Apple and Psystar had agreed to pursue a mediated settlement to their legal dispute, a move which now seemingly been aborted."

This is, bluntly, false.

Dizzle's last smackdown was of TechSpot, which reported the arbitration process as Apple and Psystar deciding to "settle out of court."

In honor of his efforts, here is a mini-competition for the comments: "Invent a new law that affects the Apple-Psystar case to humorous effect."

The winner will receive a Mugen Pop Pop Infinite Bubble Popping Keychain with Surprise Sound Effects.

Misinformation on the Apple v. Psystar Case [WoA]

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