GPS Lingerie is tacky, prompts feminists into sputtering, hysterical overreaction


The Daily Mail's latest tawdry little freak-out: some garishly tacky lingerie with a clunky GPS unit installed between panties and pudendum.*

According to the Daily Mail, "feminists around the world have reacted with horror" to the GPS lingerie, which is — according to them — "nothing more than a chastity belt for insecure men."

It's an overreaction. Surely both insecure men and feminists alike realize that any woman who decided to cheat on her partner would probably deign to leave the GPS enabled sex suit at home.

On the designer's part, though, she's lapping up the controversy, but she's also doing a poor job of selling her product: she's claiming its main use is to keep women "safe on a night out alone." Uh.

You know, this actually isn't a bad idea, but no one's coming out and saying what and who it's really for. Feminists are saying its to keep women chaste, the designer is claiming its to protect women wandering the slums of Rio de Janeiro while wearing nothing but diaphanous, translucent underpants. Neither is very likely. This lingerie set has one use, and it's a good one, if you're into that sort of thing: sexual scavenger hunts between partners.

Outrage over 'chastity belt' lingerie fitted with GPS tracking system [Daily Mail via Gadget Lab]

* - I know, not really. The unit is actually nuzzled in a pocket near the waist. I just wanted to write that sentence, and Penthouse won't publish any of my letters ever since my "Night at the Nursing Home" epistle — starting with the unforgettable sentence "I never thought I'd make it with three generations at once, but one day..." — caused a minor controversy amongst activists for the elderly.

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