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I get gloomy if I'm working in a room without windows, especially in winter. Full-spectrum lightbulbs for the desk lamp is as far as I've gone to remedy that. Enter Philips' latest GoLite device, a miniaturized entry in its range of lamps aimed at seasonal mood problems.

Apart from decent industrial design, Philips pitches "Bluewave technology" as its therapeutic special sauce, claiming results can be felt "within a few days with as little 15 to 20 minutes of use per day."

“The goLITE BLU represents significant improvements in portable blue light therapy,” says Dan Adams, a research manager at Philips Home Healthcare Solutions, in the press release. “Science has shown that to stimulate the body clock we don’t need intense white light. This is because a person’s body clock can respond up to two times greater to blue light than to white light and white light is 50 times more intense."

About such things is always the whiff of placebo; moreover, at $280, it's not a stocking stuffer. But the basic principles are proven, it can't actually harm you, and it is, if nothing else, quite pretty.

Philips introduces new, advanced light therapy device to offer quick relief from winter blues [Philips via Medgadget]
Product Page [Light Therapy]

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  1. I recently moved to the pacific northwest from southern california. I already suffer from SAD and expect that wintering here will be difficult. I have been researching as i look for a light to use to combat the winter blues.

    This looks perfect! others I have seen are far larger and obtrusive. I don’t care about the cost if it works.

  2. Seasonal Affective Disorder is very real so if they have good studies showing that their bluish light works just as well that is good news for SAD sufferers. I have a friend who suffers from SAD and the difference in his personality in the winter is profound. Full spectrum lights make a huge and very discernible difference in his life.

  3. My wife has SAD (in Denmark appropriately named “winter depression”), and light therapy makes a *huge* difference. As far as we have researched, it doesn’t matter much if the bulbs are full-spectrum or not, it’s a question of getting photons. I’m curious about the claim of blue light being better — I made a wakeup lamp (not a therapy lamp) with (diffused) high-power white LEDs, it’d be great if I could use lower-power blue lights.

  4. I called my insurance provider and they covered my SAD light in full!!
    You have to have been diagnosed with depression or SAD….
    It really helps…call your insurance!!!

  5. Before using any light therpay device, you should consult with a physician. Medications may cause sensitivity and blue light especially has been cited as a cause of macular degenration. Please see
    for details. provides expert advice on light therapy as well.

  6. go to ebay and buy a 36 blue led car interior light hook it up to a 12v power supply and save yourself approx $260.00

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