The MintPad: a Post-It sized DAP with built-in tablet


The Mintpad has all the markings of a Yanko: it is tiny and beautiful and more wishful than practical. Essentially, the Mintpad is a tiny Post-It note sized Wacom with built-in WiFi that will let you send full color notes to any other Mintpad owners... all five of them.

It's essentially a dedicated platform for the Nintendo DS's Pictochat, which is a good idea... just don't expect to get a lot of use out of that primary function. Luckily, the MintPad does more than just that: it's also a portable media player, camera and web browser, with 4GB of internal memory.

It all adds up to a rather unique little DAP that sets itself apart from the competition with a single unique function that will only go unappreciated because the community it depends upon will likely not be there. It's on sale now in Korea for $156.

Mintpass Mintpad [Official Site via DVICE]

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