Circuit City selling "liquidated" HTDVs for more than their website

Looking to take advantage of the liquidation sales at the 155 closing Circuit City stores to buy yourself an HDTV? According to HD Guru, you should rethink things.

Circuit City is claiming that they are offering 10% off the price off all HDTVS. That discount is an illusion: Circuit City is actually bumping up the pre-discount price to make up the difference. What's most astonishing is that Circuit City's own web site lists many of the televisions they are selling at a 10% discount in liquidated stores only for hundreds of dollars less.

And then there's the "No Return" policy: if you buy one of these televisions, bring it home and it doesn't work, you're at the whim of the manufacturer's warranty.

The good news: it you're fine with buying a display model, Circuit City will be selling them as "open box" and heaping a negotiable 10% discount on top of it. That could be tempting, and HD Guru has a few good pointers on making sure you don't get screwed on the transaction, including how to calculate how much of the display life you've lost and getting all the parts and materials that originally came with the television.

Circuit City Liquidation Sale Price Switch-Can You Beat It or Will It Beat You? [HD Guru]

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