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  1. Looks like a surprisingly sensible way to set up one’s desktop. I particularly like the “reminder” card showing examples of different fonts. More useful than flipping through books when I’m trying to reproduce certain common styles in calligraphy.

  2. …I don’t have my pirated copy in front of me, but didn’t Fractal Design Painter about 10 years ago have an interface along these lines?

  3. @ dculberson:

    If they don’t make it an official skin, somebody else needs to do it. It would make working with Photoshop, or damn near any program, more pleasant to have this kind of pseudo-realism, or anti-digital design to their GUIs.

  4. If only PS was this spaced out on my desktop; feels like a digital version of taking the last bus over the border.

  5. It was Fractal Design Dabbler that had a very similar interface. It had wood drawers near the top you pulled down to get brushes or colors or papers.

    Neat little program for kids. Nothing as good or as cheap on the market today but kids will have a lot of fun with whatever you let them use. My daughter has done a lot of great things with Tux Paint and the stamp sets. It doesn’t draw like natural media on paper and isn’t as finished but the sounds are as much fun and she’s being creative.

  6. Painter never had an interface – it had a bazillion tools, choices and modifiers exploding out of an interface.

  7. oh no. what ARE they gonna come up with next.

    Crazy, crazy.

    I wouldn’t have thought to do this myself. I wonder if the “select” kind of tool, the one where you “cut out” the image is a piece of rope made to look like the tool it is in the computer Photoshop?

    Some people are just too smart for their good.

    He should put this in a resume kit and when he is interviewed, he should pull this out on the prospective employer and show them his creativity, especially if the job sought involves creativity.

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